Dissertations and Theses


Kristensen, K. (2015).  Relating decreased acoustic contrast to intelligibility: Perceptual consequence for cochlear implants.. Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. M.S.,  Download: PDF of thesis (360.03 KB)
Shroeder, B. (2015).  The relationship between lexical-phonetic and socio-phonetic language development.. Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. B.A. ,  Download: PDF of powerpoint (20.96 MB)


Jorgensen, K. (2014).  Do talker differences and dialect affect wordlikeness judgments?. Department of Communication Disorders. B.S.,  Download: PPTX file of defense presentation (861.85 KB)
Nicholson, H. (2014).  Exploring variation in accuracy and content for sibilant fricatives at the onset of fricative acquisition. Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Science. Master of Arts, Abstract  Download: PDF of thesis (10.49 MB)



Machurick, E. (2012).  Final consonant cluster reduction in African American English dialect. Communicative Disorders, University of Wisconsin - Madison. BA,  Download: PDF of defense presentation poster (1.39 MB)