People: Current Members of the Lab at OSU

Mary Beckman, PI

My current research focuses on phonological development. This the process by which babies learn to pick out words and other structures in the speech addressed to them and to match these up to the sounds patterns they themselves produce, and then gradually grow a vocabulary and a "grammar" for combining sounds and words into completely novel utterances. It also involves learning to listen like a native speaker as well as learning to sound like someone who belongs in the ambient speech community.

Patrick Reidy, Graduate Student

I am a Ph.D. student in Linguistics at Ohio State University, writing a dissertation on The spectral kinematics of voiceless sibilant fricatives. Before starting my dissertation year fellowship, I worked on both the Math to Mouth and SKILLS4Words projects, writing Praat and R code for everything from an error-resistant segmentation script to gamma filters applied to multi-taper spectra to  model the ERB transform. My dissertation is part of a longer-term research project in which I plan to use manifolds methods to model the differences in phonological development between...