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Cline, S. Bernstein, Johnson A., Beckman M. E., Edwards J. R., & Munson B. (2015).  Child-level factors and acquisition of the /t/-/k/ contrast: Perception. 2015 ASHA Convention. PDF icon PDF of poster (811.97 KB)
Johnson, A., Cline S. Bernstein, Beckman M. E., Munson B., & Edwards J. R. (2015).  Child-level factors and acquisition of the /t/-/k/ contrast: Production. 2015 ASHA Convention. PDF icon PDF of poster (9.33 MB)
Payesteh, B., & Munson B. (2013).  Clinical Feasibility of Visual Analog Scaling. Annual Conference of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. PDF icon Poster.pdf (248.49 KB)
Edwards, J. R., & Munson B. (2009).  Clinical transcription: Old concerns, new solutions. PDF icon Slides.pdf (5.77 MB)
Syrika, A., Li F., Kong E. Jong, Edwards J. R., Beckman M. E., & Munson B. (2009).  Coarticulation of /s/ with following or preceding stops in Greek consonant sequences. PDF icon Slides.pdf (2.49 MB)
Plummer, A. R., Menard L., Munson B., & Beckman M. E. (2013).  Comparing vowel category response surfaces over age-varying maximal vowel spaces within and across language communities. InterSpeech 2013. PDF icon Conference_Proceedings.pdf (297.39 KB)
Carlson, K. Urberg, Munson B., & Kaiser E. (2009).  Continuous measures of children's speech production: Visual analog scale and equal appearing interval scale measures of fricative goodness. PDF icon Poster.pdf (3.82 MB)
Edwards, J. R., Beckman M. E., & Munson B. (2015).  Cross-language differences in acquisition. Handbook of Speech Production. PDF icon PDF of article (711.2 KB)
Arbisi-Kelm, T. R., Edwards J. R., Munson B., & Kong E. Jong (2010).  Cross-linguistic perception of velar and alveolar obstruents: A perceptual and psychoacoustic study. PDF icon Poster.pdf (1.19 MB)