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Reidy, P. F., Kristensen K., Winn M. B., Litovsky R. Y., & Edwards J. R. (2017).  The acoustics of word-initial fricatives and their effect on word-level intelligibility in children with bilateral cochlear implants. Ear and Hearing. 38(1), 42-56.PDF icon ReidyEtAl2016.pdf (393.63 KB)
Munson, B., Schellinger S. K., & Edwards J. (2017).  Bias in the perception of phonetic detail in children's speech: A comparison of categorical and continuous rating scales. Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics. 31(1), 56-79.PDF icon PDF of Author MS (1.09 MB)
Reidy, P. F., Beckman M. E., Edwards J. R., & Munson B. (2017).  A data-driven approach for perceptually validated acoustic features for children’s sibilant fricative productions. Interspeech 2017. 1750-1854.PDF icon PDF of Paper (448.74 KB)
Schellinger, S. K., Munson B., & Edwards J. R. (2017).  Gradient perception of children’s productions of /s/ and /θ/: A comparative study of rating methods. Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics. 31(1), 80-103.PDF icon SchellingerMunsonEdwards2016.pdf (916.88 KB)
Reidy, P. F., Beckman M. E., Edwards J. R., Munson B., & Johnson A. A. (2017).  Learning acoustic features for English stops with graph-based dimensionality reduction. Acoustics '17 (173rd Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America and the 8th Forum Acusticum). PDF icon PDF of poster (1.09 MB)
Beckman, M. E., Plummer A. R., Munson B., & Reidy P. F. (2017).  Methods for eliciting, annotating, and analyzing databases for child speech development. Computer Speech and Language. 45, 278-299.PDF icon PDF of Author MS (382.6 KB)
Beckman, M. E., Li F., & Shih Y. (2018).  The sociophonetics of gender in three Chinese varieties. 30th North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics (NACCL-30). PDF icon Slides of talk [PDF] (15.08 MB)
Beckman, M. E., Edwards J., & Munson B. (2018).   Variation in the acquisition of English stop voicing, revisited. 16th Conference on Laboratory Phonology (LabPhon16). PDF icon PDF of poster (3.03 MB)