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Syrika, A., Nicolaidis K., Edwards J., & Beckman M. E. (2011).  Acquisition of initial /s/-stop and stop-/s/ sequences in Greek. Language and Speech. 54(3), PDF icon Article.pdf (2.22 MB)
Okalidou, A., Syrika A., Beckman M. E., & Edwards J. R. (2011).  Adapting a receptive vocabulary test for preschool-aged Greek-speaking children. International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders. 46(1), PDF icon Article.pdf (1.05 MB)
Beckman, M. E., Edwards J. R., & Munson B. (2011).  Developing acoustic measures to evaluate the emergence of phonological contrast. 161st Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America. PDF icon Slides.pdf (3.08 MB)
Edwards, J. R., Beckman M. E., & Munson B. (2011).  How a cross-linguistic study of phonological development can inform clinical practice. Annual Conference of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. PDF icon Slides.pdf (11.91 MB)
Edwards, J. R., Munson B., & Beckman M. E. (2011).  Lexicon-phonology relationships and the dynamics of early language development -- a commentary on Stoel-Gammon's 'Relationships between lexical and phonological development in young children'. Journal of Child Language. 38(1), PDF icon Article.pdf (291.47 KB)
Beckman, M. E., Munson B., & Edwards J. (2011).  Methodological issues in the study of phonotactic probability effects in nonword repetition. XVIIth International Congress on Phonetic Sciences. PDF icon Conference_Proceedings.pdf (361.19 KB)
Munson, B., Edwards J., & Beckman M. E. (2011).  Phonological representations in language acquisition: Climbing the ladder of abstraction. Handbook of Laboratory Phonology. PDF icon Book_Chapter.pdf (195.52 KB)
Li, F., Beckman M. E., & Edwards J. R. (2011).  Similarities and differences in the development of sounds "s" and "sh" in English and Japanese. 2011 Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development. PDF icon Poster.pdf (588.32 KB)
Monnin, J., Loevenbruck H., Beckman M. E., & Edwards J. R. (2011).  Vowel context and frequency effects in dorsal and coronal acquisition in Drehu and French. Poster presented at the 9th International Seminar on Speech Production. 9th International Seminar on Speech Production. PDF icon Poster.pdf (432.69 KB)
Kong, E. Jong, Beckman M. E., & Edwards J. (2011).  Why are Korean tense stops acquired so early: The role of acoustic properties. Journal of Phonetics. 39(2), PDF icon Article.pdf (1.45 MB)